Come as little or as much as you want 

Only $60 a month!


Unlimited classes and challenges

Only $60 a month!


From high intensity to gentle reconditioning. Find a class to suit you today. Check out our challenge timetable.



Do you currently have a gym membership somewhere and looking for something to spice up your training? Maybe you are a yo yo exerciser who can’t seem to commit to a membership but tell yourself every week that next Monday you’ll start exercising.

Well Fit 460 is here for you!

Fit 460 is a challenge based centre that offers 6 week challenges for all levels for $60.


Our philosophy is about training to fit your lifestyle with no pressure and no commitment but rather to compliment your regular training routine.

We offer a variety of classes from wellness coaching classes to circuit training, all instructed by certified fitness professionals who are passionate, motivated and sensitive to your individual health and fitness needs.


So come and try one of our challenges and spice up your gym relationship today! We promise we wont tell your gym if you don’t.

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